Aircon Maintenance- Why You Need a Skilled Service Provider


When you live in a tropical country like Singapore, you must ensure that the air conditioner is working properly to effectively cool the home or office. Most parts of the air conditioner require regular maintenance, such as coils, heat sinks and filters. Ignoring regular AC maintenance, your air conditioning performance will drop and your electricity bill will gradually increase. Although some people try to maintain their own air conditioners, if you don’t have the time or technical knowledge, it is best to hire a skilled service provider.

What are your expectations for skilled service providers?

When you hire professional services for regular maintenance of the bathroom, they can use their knowledge and experience to solve all the problems in the air conditioning system. You can expect air conditioning repair services from your service provider, such as checking the cooling level of your bathroom and using a leak detector to check for cooling leaks. He will also check for leaks in the central system seal of the air conditioner. He will also measure the airflow through the evaporator. Your air conditioning service will also ensure that the air conditioning and heating systems do not operate simultaneously by checking the order of the electrical control systems. They will also check the cleanliness and tighten all electrical connections, thermostat accuracy and tightness of the air conditioning motor belt. Please contact for our service aircon Singapore page for aircon service inquiry.

Components that should be checked by a quality service provider


In the air conditioning repair process, it is very important to ensure the effectiveness of the air conditioner. The service provider will clean or replace the filter, as the filter will become dirty and clogged with dust and debris, which will affect the efficiency of the device. Dirty filters can also affect the air quality in your home or office because they block healthy airflow, and dirty air bypasses the filter and goes directly into the evaporator coil. It also affects the ability to absorb heat from the coil. Service providers can reduce the power consumption of air conditioning units by 5-15% by replacing dirty filters with clean filters.

Air conditioning coil

Your air conditioning and evaporator coils must be serviced monthly or annually, as they accumulate large amounts of impurities into the outside air, especially when the filter is clogged. Even if the filter is continuously cleaned or replaced, these coils will accumulate dust over time. Dirt build-up in the evaporator coil may reduce its ability to absorb heat from the air. Therefore, the evaporator coil should be inspected and cleaned at least annually to prevent this problem. Similarly, the condenser coils in the outdoor unit of the bathroom collect dust and dirt from the environment, especially if there are shrubs and trees nearby. These sundries and sundries can affect the heat dissipation of your home or office. Fallen leaves, lawn mowers and dryer vents can be a good source of debris and dirt for air conditioning equipment. Therefore, you need to clean the leaves and remove the debris so that the area is close to the refrigerator so that the condenser coils in the outdoor unit get enough airflow.

Bending coil

The bending of the aluminum h = fins on the condenser and evaporator coils prevents air flow. A professional repair service provider can use a “finned comb” to restore the original state of the fins to ensure proper airflow into the coil.

Window room seals

Before starting the air conditioner, the seal between the window frame and the air conditioner needs to be checked at the beginning of each year. Experienced service providers will ensure that the metal casing of the device is properly connected to the window frame or it will not cool your room properly. Moisture in the air can damage the seal and cold air can escape the gap.

Therefore, you need a skilled service provider to perform proper AC maintenance, especially if you don’t have time for DIY exercises or lack of technical knowledge.

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