Babri Masjid Miracles


After Multiple Cranes Stopped Working

Quran Recitation Heard At Night, Says Watchmen

Sources claim that the ruling party (BJP), sent multiple cranes in order to demolish Babri Masjid, and begin construction of the Ram temple. All cranes stopped functioning after cranes began to demolish the Babri Masjid.

After the incident, crane workers became scared and fled. This news was received by PM Modi and BJP’s giant leaders shortly after the incident. According to a private source, PM Modi’s and BJP’s top leaders were shocked and concerned by the extraordinary incident.

The news quickly spread like wildfire within the ruling party as well as social media. Watchmen reported that they heard the Holy Quran being recited in the Babri Masjid at nights.

According to reports, the ruling party sent several well-known pandits to pray for normalcy. The report states that pandits began their prayers when they saw strange creatures (Jinn and Angels). They fled the area and informed the government that this task was beyond their capabilities.

Video footage taken by Drone Camera and CCTV inside Babri Masjid

According to a recent report, multiple drone cameras and CCTV cameras were installed in and around the Babri Masjid. They monitor almost every possible spot.

According to the report, CCTV and drone cameras captured a strange creature that scared any human. Staff hired to watch those cameras throughout the day were afraid.

The report said that BJP’s highest authorities were also shocked by these serial events.

This article requires additional resources to verify.