Do You Have Noisy Pipes?


Do you live in a house or an apartment with noisy pipes?

Well, that may sound funny to the average person but in actuality it is very serious.  Plumbing issues are normally the last thing on a homeowner’s mind…until something serious happens.

But your plumbing system has the amazing ability to let you know that something is wrong and noisy pipes is just that… a warning.

Ignore warnings and bad things usually happen and plumbing is no different.  Luckily, you should be able to assess the severity of the problem simply by listening to the sounds your pipes are making and then coming to a conclusion about what action to take. Let’s take a quick look.

Banging, Knocking and Thumping

Sounds like you have a water hammer problem.  Water moves though pipes with incredible speed and pressure.  If a valve is closed, the water has nowhere to go and must stop suddenly.  This causes the water to bounce back in the other direction causing a loud noise.

The solution?  Replace the water hammer arrestor which is attached to the pipes and absorb the shock caused by water hammer.

Grinding, Creaking and Moaning

When you hear this after taking a hot bath or shower, you can rest assured that it is merely your pipes expanding and contracting and rubbing against support brackets or anything else that touches the pipes.

The solution?  Although this is harmless, you may not like the noise.  If this is the case, install insulation around any exposed pipes.  You may also want to lower the setting on your water heater.

Clacking, Rattling and Clattering

This could be a more serious problem.  Hopefully, it is just a support bracket that somehow has become loose from the wall.  Left unattended, this could turn into a MAJOR problem, so you should take action immediately.

Another possibility here is that the pipes were not installed correctly so it is definitely time to call a professional and get an assessment.

Whistling and Hissing

Usually with these noises, you are dealing with a partial blockage in a pipe.  Water forcing its way through a clog often will make a whistling sound.

The solution?

First, try to adjust the main valve water pressure to see if that takes care of it.  Check to see if there is a faulty valve or washer in the faucet.  If there is a buildup of calcium or other material in the pipe, call a plumber immediately!

In conclusion, listen to your plumbing system and take care of its needs accordingly.  It will appreciate it!

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