10 Creative And Fun Kid Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms


Moving into a new house is an exciting milestone for any starting family. There is no denying that finally being able to afford a house is a major achievement, but it is also good to acknowledge that not all spaces are equal. Many families have to live is small places to save on expenses. This can sometimes be a downer for the kids who have to be content having a small bedroom. 

Just because a bedroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t be turned into a special space. Here are 10 amazing kid bedroom ideas for small rooms parents can try: 

1. The Classic Bunk Beds 

Bunk beds are a space-saving solution many parents opt for when decorating a small child’s room. Kids who have to share a room will appreciate the bunk beds and kids without siblings will always have room for a friend to stay the night. 

2. Shelves Under Beds 

There is no room for monsters under the bed when it is utilized as storage space. Adding drawers under the beds makes it easier to keep toys and clothes without consuming too much space. 

3. High Shelves 

Whether they are for storing books, old toys, and other trinkets, high shelves are great inside small rooms. They are near the ceiling so they don’t take up much space nor do they make a room look too crowded. 

4. Wall Hooks 

They are small accessories, but are very efficient and also save a lot of space. Wall hooks are perfect for hanging jackets, caps, and even bags so they don’t take room inside a small closet. 

5. Stackable Toy Baskets 

The biggest reason for clutter inside a child’s room is the abundance of toys. Invest in sturdy stackable baskets or racks to keep the mess at a minimum without occupying too much floor space. 

6. Wall Lamp 

Adding a floor lamp inside a child’s room only eats up space that can be used for something else. Getting a fun wall lap is safer and also one of the best kid bedroom ideas for small rooms. 

7. Loft Beds 

Sometimes bunk beds aren’t very useful, especially for an only child. Loft beds, on the other hand, are great! The bed hangs overhead and underneath can serve as a play and study area to help maximize the small room. 

8. Dual-Purpose Furniture 

A bed that has shelves, a chair with extra storage space, and a study table with extra drawers. These save space and provide extra space to keep things organized at all times. 

9. Folding Furniture 

Study tables and chairs that can fold up is perfect when a child’s room is too small. Once they are done studying, they can keep the furniture inside the closet for safe keeping. It is smart and efficient. 

10. Reading Nook With Cubby Holes 

Create a nice reading nook under the window and use the space under as cubby holes for books. It makes books easy to access while also utilizing the area. 

Small rooms can look just as beautiful as big rooms if they are utilized and designed correctly. These are some ideas you can use, but don’t be afraid to get creative!

If you don’t know what to do with the small spaces at home and are looking for kid bedroom ideas for small rooms, check out our tips at Just DIY Decor.

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