Top 7 Handheld Garment Steamers to Make Wrinkle-Free Clothes


A garment steamer can be a great alternative or addition! A garment steamer is a great addition to your traditional steam iron, and can be used quickly to remove wrinkles and refresh fabrics. This steam iron works well on delicate clothing, such as flowing skirts or silky blouses. It also works well on suit jackets, sequined tops and other hard-to-press items. They are lightweight and portable so garment steamers can be carried around with you. You can also use them around the house to make bed skirts, window treatments, pillow covers, and draperies.

1 Conair Turbo Extreme Hand Held Fabric Handheld Steamer

Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Handheld Garment Steamer has been our favorite steamer. It is one of the most effective wrinkle removers. It has five settings, from delicate to turbo, to suit any fabric needs. The steam will come out continuously once it starts pumping. There are no additional buttons to press.

2 Conair Complete Steam Hand Held Material Steamer

Conair CompleteSteam Fabric steamer is very simple to use, with only an on/off switch and a ready light. However, it does the job well and gets the job done. It took just over one minute to heat up, and it lasted for a good 10 minutes. The model is compact and lightweight at just 31 cm high, so it can be easily stored and carried around. Simply unscrew the nozzle to fill. It also has an 8-foot retractable cable and a low price, making it ideal for those who are new to steaming or just want a basic model. Your 19-year old who has just gone to college.

3 Jiffy Garment Steamer

You’ll find this Jiffy upright steamer working hard in any magazine’s fashion closet or fashion shoot. There are no fancy attachments or bells. You get 90 minutes of continuous, gentle steam from the 3/4 gallon water tank. This Jiffy steamer is protected by a 3-year warranty. It has an automatic shutoff for safety, and it’s on swivel wheels for easy movement. It has been used many times in our Good Housekeeping Cleaning Lab. We consider it to be the best upright garment steamer.

4 Black + Decker Advanced Garment Steamer

The Black + Decker Advanced Garment Steamer can do more than steaming clothes. The extra-long cord (15 ft.) It makes it easy to reach higher up items such as curtains or bed skirts, which may not be accessible from an outlet. The tank is removable and easy to fill. It automatically shuts off after fifteen minutes. This will ensure safety if you are interrupted during the job. This model has attachments for upholstery, delicate fabrics and lint removal. We found the ability of locking it into continuous-steam to be especially useful for larger tasks such as draperies, mattresses, or furniture.

5 Rowenta IXEO All in One Iron and Steamer

The Rowenta IXEO is the perfect choice if you aren’t sure if you need a steamer or iron. The large, one-liter water tank is mounted on a base. It can also be connected to a mini iron and steamer. You can use it to steam vertically by hanging your garment from the loop at the top. Do you need to press a crease out? Iron away by flipping the rectangular, padded board horizontally. It can be folded down for storage and then the whole unit can be stored on wheels.

6 Sunbeam Power Steam Fabric Steamer

Sunbeam Power Steam fabric steamers are great for steaming multiple items or batches of clothes at once. The large water tank will keep it running longer than other models. The heated bar is located above the steam slot and can be used to remove stubborn wrinkles as you move up and down the fabric. The Sunbeam comes with the standard brush and lint accessories. It also has a steam guard for your hands, a creaser and an over-the door pressing pad. It heated up quickly and produced impressive steam in our tests.

7 Hilife Garment Steamer

The Hilife Garment Steamer has received over 33,000 5-star Amazon Reviews. Turn it on by simply removing the nozzle and filling the steamer with water from your tap. The steam is released through the vent holes, just like a tea kettle. We love the clear water tank and long cord. A basic model like this comes with a fabric brush as well as a water refill cup. We haven’t seen any negative reviews, but some users complained that it leaks.