6 Major Benefits of Insulating a Home


Most likely, you don’t think of insulating your home, especially the attic. Besides, it is itchy, dusty, and has been there since your home was constructed.

Poor insulation may result in major air leakage, making the house less comfortable. Good insulation in your home will save you cash and offer you the following benefits:

1.      Keep the Environment Safe

Good insulation helps reduce the energy consumption and at the same cool or heat the home. This translates to preserving non-renewable resources.

Proper insulation also helps lower the risks of acidic rain or global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to this, several insulation materials come from eco-friendly products. You can go for products made of natural fibers, such as:

  • Wool
  • Cotton

2.      Lower the Energy Bills

Domestic heating oil bills and rising energy costs are putting more strain on disposable income for most households.

According to experts at One Insulation, good insulation will reduce the costs of both cooling and heating by more than 40%. But again, this depends on some factors, like the type and size of the property.

3.      Increase Comfort

Those painful mornings when you feel like you don’t want to get out of your bed because of a cold can be really frustrating.

Having more comfortable homes is the reason most homeowners consider conducting insulation projects. After all, you work extra hard to pay your mortgage loan to ensure the space is comfortable to live in.

4.      Prevent Damage and Mold

Leaky roofs are a problem that no homeowner wishes to deal with. These roof damages, coupled with mold, make the situation even worse.

If you don’t insulate the attic properly or choose to ignore the annual roof maintenance, more problems will start forming.

Plus, as your roof age, it can form little holes and cracks. If left untreated, holes on the roof may continue growing and letting the rain into the house.

By having another layer of insulation, you will be able to create moisture barriers, which helps keep the unwanted moisture out of the house.

5.      Enjoy Tax Credits from the Government

In some states, the government offers incentive programs available for homeowners who are taking the right measures to improve energy efficiency when it comes to their homes.

You may get tax credits for installing effective and energy-efficient insulation. This tax credit basically equals around 10% of the actual cost and is subtracted from the current year’s tax as deductions.

6.      Improve Structural Integrity

If you don’t insulate your crawlspace, the cold temperatures might make the concrete and soil freeze around the house’s foundation. This might also make the foundation shift or crack, resulting in costly repairs.

Insulating the crawlspace can keep the ground in the foundation of your home warm, which reduces the chance of conducting expensive repairs.

Plus, insulating your home protects the structural integrity of your home in the case of natural disasters, such as:

  • Tornado
  • Earthquake

Final Touches!

Insulation doesn’t just play an important role when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of a home. It is also important for better health.

Well-insulated attics may also help minimize the strain on the central heating systems and conserve electricity at the same time, especially when you install spray foam insulation.