5 Things to Know When Hiring a Letting Agent 


Are you hiring a letting agent for your property? These professionals offer numerous benefits and will help you locate the right tenants. However, this isn’t as easy as many assume. When hiring a letting agent, there are various things to consider, and simple mistakes can ruin the entire process.

Here’s what to know when hiring a letting agent;

  1. The professionals offer multiple services.

Letting agents offer a wide range of services and ease the renting process when letting your property. They will help find a perfect tenant, do site inspections and assist with the paperwork involved when letting property. Letting agents also host open houses and manage the money generated from deposits and rent. With professionals like Morpeth letting agents, you won’t have to worry about most tasks and can invest your time in other tasks.

  1. Experience is key!

Finding an agent with adequate skills and expertise goes a long way. It’s vital to engage one who suits your needs. You’ll work closely, but the professional will undertake most of the tasks. They then need adequate information on letting properties. The good thing about this is that there are several experienced letting agents online, and you can always get one to match your preferences. Also, you can locate one from referrals and recommendations by close friends and relatives.

  1. You should pay attention to the contract terms.

Like with many other property dealings, you should pay attention to every detail of the contract. Go through the document and seek clarification on the details before signing. By so doing, you’ll know the services offered by the agent and the fees. You’ll also determine whether there are additional costs involved, which helps avoid disagreements later on.

Also, seek information on the details concerning the termination of the contract. The idea here is- the letting contract contains vital information, and you should understand every detail before signing.

  1. Hire someone with who you can easily communicate with

From the hiring process, you’ll note that some agents are easy to get along with, which eases communication. Hire someone whom you can easily communicate with and establish a healthy relationship. Have them understand what you expect from them, and discuss how often you expect updates on the progress. Also, discuss the best channel of communication, for instance, calls, texts, emails, etc.

  1. Hiring a letting agent is associated with some risks. 

There are some risks to hiring a letting agent for your property. However, going the DIY way offers many risks, and it’s safe to engage an agent. Some agents may be unable to track payments or know the traits of bad tenants. Therefore, before you commit yourself, understand the risk involved and hire the most suitable person for the job.

The bottom line 

Hiring a letting agent offers multiple gains, allowing you time to focus on other investments. However, you shouldn’t just choose one blindly. Check their level of expertise in dealing with different types of properties. Hire one with all the necessary documents and skills to manage your property as required. Also, go through all the contract terms and seek clarification early enough.