After you Buy poster prints online, the next thing you need to do is to purchase a frame for the poster print. Framing an art poster is one way of maximizing its artistic and aesthetic value. A well chosen frame can be a perfect complement to the piece of art, and can contribute immensely to the aesthetic appeal of the entire piece and space where it is hanged.

Framing the art poster can also help protect it from harmful elements including dust as well as prevent wrinkling, which might diminish the value of the poster over time if there wasn’t a protective frame around it. Furthermore, framing will also serve to protect the poster from folding or cracking (which is common in the case of posters printed on paper with UV coating) in case of accidental falling from the wall.

The following are some guidelines on how to choose the best frame for your art poster print.

  • Size

When choosing a frame for your art poster, be sure to pick one that’s just the right size. The rule of thumb is to ensure that the width of the frame is no larger than three inches. Otherwise, if the size of the frame is bigger than this, you will find that the frame is actually overpowering the image in the poster, which would simply be tragic. Hence, select an adequately sized frame for the poster so that the observers’ attention remains on the poster while momentarily picking up on the presence of the frame.

  • Colour

When it comes to selecting the colour of the frame, the best approach is to choose a prominent colour from the poster. A polished metal frame in one of the poster’s more pronounced colours will make the poster stand out in the room, and make it the focal point of the entire space. Synchronizing the colours of the frame and the poster will go a long way in creating visual uniformity and interest.

  • Material

Another major consideration would be the material used in the manufacture of the frame. You should aim at finding a frame whose material perfectly complements the poster, and actually enhances the aesthetic appeal of the poster as well as helps to amplify the message that the poster is portraying to its audience.

There is such a wide variety of materials to choose from, so you need to take your time to consider this aspect of the frame that you are willing to purchase.

Natural wood is a popular choice for frame material mainly because of its charismatic appeal as well as its ability to add character to the art poster. If you want your art poster to look exactly like real art, then a natural wood shadow box would be the most ideal frame for you. For the most ideal capture, let the frame be conspicuously higher than the poster. This will draw maximum attention to the art work.

If you are planning to hang your poster on a white wall, then a white wood frame for your poster would be the perfect pick. The white wood frame is ideal in this case because it will create the illusion that the art work is floating. The ‘floating effect’ is often desired especially when it comes to abstract art posters or poster images that want to pass across a profound message.

Such a frame should ideally come with matte coating to give your poster that exquisite finishing. Even with visible lettering, this frame will give your poster that pristine look.

Lastly, if the lettering on the poster is as or even more important than the imagery, then you need to choose a frame material that complements this. A slightly narrow, black metal frame would be perfect for this.

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