Are You Really Going to Need a Furnace Humidifier?


Humidifiers are an important appliance for keeping homes comfortable in winter, when the air can get very dry. The furnace humidifiers distribute moisture throughout the house.

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It depends on your home’s conditions and personal preferences as to whether you require one. This article will explain the details of furnace humidifiers and how they work.

What is a furnace humidifier?

Furnace humidifiers are also known as whole-house humidifiers. They connect to forced-air HVAC systems to moisten warm air from the furnace. They function by holding water in a reservoir or creating steam to increase the furnace’s airflow. These are the different types of furnace humidifiers that you can choose from:

Humidifiers for bypass

Bypass humidifiers come with a water panel. They have no motors and rely on the furnace’s blower for moisture pickup. The air passes through the water panel, then circulates through the ductwork. They are only active when the furnace is running. This type of system has its pros and cons.

There are many pros to this system: It uses less energy, has less chance of breaking down (because it has fewer moving parts), and is less likely to develop mold because moisture is only pushed through the conduits when warm air is passing through.

It’s not as effective at humidifying your home as other systems. This is because the panel collects moisture and then it’s rerouted to the furnace. The air loses some moisture during this process. Additional space is required for the installation of bypass ducts.

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Units with flow-through

Flow-through units have their own fans. Air is blown through the furnace’s water panel as it passes through its air supply. Even when the furnace blower has stopped working, it can moisten and distribute oxygen.

Steam humidifiers

Steam humidifiers boil water to make steam, which is then distributed with the furnace’s air. Although steam furnaces are more expensive to purchase and to operate, they can add moisture to your home’s air.

The humidistats that control whole-home humidifiers measure the humidity and allow it to operate only when it drops below its set point. This reduces the chance of the home becoming too humid, which can cause mold growth, condensation on windows, and a sticky feeling for the occupants.

A furnace humidifier has many benefits

Why would you want a humidifier for furnace setup? You can enjoy great comfort, health and home benefits from moist air.

The ideal moisture level is between 30-40% humidity. However, some parts of the country can get extremely dry in winter, falling below 20% in a heated house. Dryness can lead to chapped lips, dry skin and nosebleeds. Dry air can also cause sinusitis and asthma flare-ups.

Dry air can also affect your home. Dry air can cause static electricity to build up, as well as wallpaper peeling and furniture cracking. Wood floors can shrink and crack easily, creating unsightly gaps between boards. Your floors will look smoother if humidity levels are controlled.

A furnace humidifier can reduce energy consumption by reducing the furnace’s workload. The home will feel warmer if the air is kept moist. You’ll also be less likely to turn the heat up.

You have two options: portable or personal humidifiers. They are relatively affordable and can be used in individual rooms. These units have some drawbacks. These units need to be refilled every day and then turned on again to function. It is also more labor-intensive for portable humidifiers to be used on a daily basis. To keep scale at a minimum, they must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Some concerns are that mold and bacteria can grow in poorly maintained portable humidifiers, which could cause havoc with your personal health and air quality.

The best way to achieve consistent humidity is with whole-home humidifiers. They are installed directly on the furnace and communicate with your HVAC system. This means they can work continuously with minimal maintenance.

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Are you looking for a furnace humidifier to help your furnace work better?

Although a furnace humidifier may not be an essential part of your home, it is something you might consider.

Humidifiers are good for your health.

A furnace humidifier may be necessary if you have health issues due to dry air. The furnace humidifier can help relieve dry skin and asthma symptoms. These may seem minor inconveniences to some, but they can have a significant impact on your sleep, health, and quality of living. Low humidity levels could be the reason you’re experiencing discomfort in your home.

Climate conditions

A furnace humidifier may be a good choice depending on your outdoor climate. Because colder regions have lower humidity, dry air conditions can be worse. Dry air is most likely to affect areas with low temperatures.

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Even worse, heating your home on cold days can dry out your air. Older homes can experience this problem, as they are less efficient and airtight. These homes will allow more cold air to enter and may cause your furnace to run longer. These solutions may be sufficient for smaller apartments or homes.