Your kitchen is the most frequently used room in your home. Many homeowners will need to remodel or renovate their kitchen due to changing design trends and the increasing popularity of open-plan living spaces. Before you start designing your kitchen or calling professionals for help, identify the main reason behind your desire to remodel.

Cosmetic The most common reason to remodel your kitchen is cosmetic. It involves changing the look of your kitchen to give it a fresh look. This doesn’t alter the space’s layout but may include painting the walls, re-facing the counters and floors, or changing the overall design such as moving to a modern cottage-style style. Sometimes, this type of renovation will use pre-existing kitchen elements by refacing cabinets rather than replacing them.

Modify or Enhance Your Kitchen Design Layout Sometimes, it is necessary to alter the layout of your kitchen. To make your kitchen more efficient, you may need to move appliances, counters and sinks. The ‘triangle’ of kitchens is the sink, stove, fridge and sink. This is the area that you want to optimize for ease of meal preparation. This may require contractors from different trades. Make sure you have them on-staff or can find the right people to meet your needs.

  • Redirect Traffic – Sometimes, major changes are required to alter the flow of traffic through your kitchen. This could include moving or adding a doorway, or tearing down a wall. This is a time-consuming process that results in a kitchen with more efficiency and a larger appearance.
  • Increase Kitchen Area – Many people opt to increase storage space, add a butcher block or breakfast counter, or take out an interior wall, and rearrange fixtures and appliances. This will increase the utility of your kitchen by creating more space and more storage.
  • Expand Kitchen Space Outward – This is the most difficult renovation project. It involves an addition to your house. Many professionals are needed to modify both the exterior and interior of your home. The renovation will change the overall flow of your kitchen and home. You can also design your kitchen in any way you like, including a breakfast nook and a walk-in pantry.