Tip: Patio Furniture


The first step to making your home a home is buying patio furniture. Many homeowners long to create an outdoor oasis in their yard or porch. Some homeowners envision a backyard oasis with a swimming pool and a BBQ area. Others simply want to create a space for their family to gather. At Wicker Warehouse, you can get the best selection of All Weather Wicker Furniture to fit your home, office or outside space.

Whatever your backyard space, patio furniture is a key part of creating a beautiful outdoor area.

Why should you invest in outdoor patio furniture?

For many reasons, creating a space that is beautiful with outdoor furniture and accessories can prove to be very beneficial.

It can increase your home’s value, even if the furniture is not left behind. The National Association of Realtors reports that 39% of home sellers were able to sell a house for a higher price if it was staged with furniture.

A second advantage is that an outdoor space can be used to host important family events such as holidays and birthday parties. You can save money by having your celebrations at home, rather than taking them out.

There are many things to consider when buying patio furniture. Let’s get started.

Consider Your Outdoor Layout

You must first consider the space available in your outdoor space. You need enough space to move the furniture around, pull out chairs or recline your seats fully. A small porch may not allow for a full outdoor dining room set so you will have to compromise and use a smaller piece.

To determine the amount of space you have, there are two types you need:

The Area Size

You will first need to measure the outdoor space you plan on placing furniture. This includes the yard, porch, deck, and yard. To determine the area, measure all sides and multiply them by 2.

Surface Area

Also, measure the exact area on which the furniture will be placed. It could be concrete, a wooden deck or a sandy area in your backyard. This will allow you to determine the best size and shape furniture pieces for your space.

When buying patio furniture, consider the climate

When buying patio furniture, you should consider where it is located. You can have an enormous impact on the outdoor furniture. You should not choose the wrong type as it can be damaged or worn down by the elements.

These are the main points to remember.

Bodies of water

Avoid metal-framed furniture if you live near the ocean, lakes, or any other water bodies. They will rust in the humid, damp environment. You should opt for plastic or sealed and stained wooden, which can resist weather damage and water damage.

It can also windy during storms, so choose heavy furniture that won’t tip over or fly.

Hot Weather

Avoid dark metals if you live in a hot environment. The sun can fade colors and attract more sunlight to dark colors.

For hot climates, you should stick with patio furniture made of lighter wood pieces. They will not heat as fast as metal or plastic. To shade furniture from direct sunlight, you might consider installing umbrellas or canopies.

Snow And Ice

It is a smart idea to store outdoor furniture when you don’t need it. It is possible to put the furniture in a shed or garage, or cover it with a protective covering. This will protect the materials from being damaged by winter storms.


Long-term rain can quickly destroy patio furniture made of rust metal or softwood. Plastic or synthetic resin are the best materials for patio furniture in rainy conditions. They can withstand heavy rains very well. These materials dry quickly, so furniture can be used even after the clouds have cleared.

If you live in an area that receives a wicker lot of rainfall, it is best to cover your furniture with a covering. This will protect your furniture and ensure that it lasts longer.

Take into consideration your budget

Prices for outdoor patio furniture vary depending on what style you choose, the material used, the size and the brand. Before you shop, be sure to have a budget in place.

Higher quality furniture tends to be more expensive than other types. If you want your furniture to last many years, you will need to spend more money. A lower-quality, less expensive piece might be okay if your style changes frequently or you plan to only use it for a short time.

You don’t have to completely redecorate your entire space at once. Start with the pieces you are most likely to use and then add on as you go.